Broccoli Hill - Another Fennell?

There are several interesting exploration targets on the Omai property, in addition to the obvious potential extensions to the Wenot and Fennell deposits.  On prospective target is the nearby Broccoli Hill. Located only 200 meters east of the Fennell pit, Broccoli Hill has long been the subject of artisanal mining along the flanks of the hill as well as within incised creek beds.  Several  geochemical surveys have been done on soils and deeper with auger sampling, generating encouraging anomalies.

  • Significant historic alluvial workings back to the 1890s on the southern flank and more recently on western and northeastern flanks
  • Broad gold-in-soil anomalies across the 750m x 500m hill, with one 8m deep auger sample of 12.4 g/t Au
  • Airborne magnetics highlights a magnetic low signature similar to Fennell; could there be another quartz diorite intrusion under Broccoli Hill?
  • Excavator trenching commenced recently for saprolite mapping and sampling quartz veinlets, to refine drill targets

Extensions and Near-Mine Exploration Targets

  • West of Fennell several mineralized structures with interesting previous gold intersections
  • Airborne magnetics shows a number of Fennell-type anomalies and Wenot-type anomalies
  • Areas of intense artisanal miner activity are proven areas for discoveries in the Guiana Shield:
  • East end of Wenot
  • The “boneyard”
  • NE edge of Broccoli hill