OMAI. It's a Gold Mine.

Rebuilding the success of One of South America's Largest Gold Mines

Early prospectors identified Guyana’s vast mineral wealth 130 years ago, and at the heart of the country’s gold mining history is the Omai mine: a multi million-ounce deposit that was once South America’s largest producing gold mine. We’re building on this past success with new tools, relationships and vision to bring this under-explored gold district back to life, providing a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in value creation.


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Made From the Fabric of Guyana.

Made From the Fabric of Guyana.

The story of the Omai gold mine is the story of Guyana. As this beautiful and vibrant country developed over the last century, so too did the gold mine that became the backbone of its economy. More than ever, investors are looking to Guyana as opportunities present themselves across the resource sector and we’re leading the charge. Through thoughtful planning and community investment, we’re committed to making Guyana flourish in the next chapter of this world-famous operation.

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Our company values of ENDURANCE, PROSPERITY, DEDICATION, and SUSTAINABILITY are inspired by the Guyanese culture and guide our day-to-day operations.
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Building a gold mine is no easy task. With existing infrastructure, drilling data, and historical core available, getting $omg.v into production a little more efficient. Learn more
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In the spirit of the season, we wanted to count down the 12 things $OMG.v is grateful for in 2020. Cheers to a New Year filled with all that glitters and shines!
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